Sunday, August 26, 2018

Quick Thoughts on Local Candidates

I reflect on a lot of things that are mostly mundane aspects of life. After a weekend of campaigning I have a moment to reflect as I settle in for the evening. If you run into a candidate for any office, whether they're a candidate you support or not, take a moment to appreciate their effort. I feel like they truly are running because they all believe they can serve you and the common good and no candidate has an easy life this time of year.
I, for instance, managed this weekend to knock on countless doors, hand address and stuff nearly 100 mailers, write and email two newsletters, update a blog, catch up campaign finance records, feed and care for my daughters, tend to one sick daughter, clean up a little of my house that has looked like a bomb went off since the campaigning kicked into high gear, did a load or two of the mountain of laundry that has collected the last few weeks so I can get back to work and the 50 hours I'll put in this week, plan meals for the kids, and sat with my calendar app open adding all the events coming up this week I need to try to get to each evening after work.
Almost every candidate has kids, spouses, and families that suffer the life of campaign season and some candidates like me are living the life of a single parent and just trying to keep the wheels from falling off and give their kids the time they deserve. Candidates are human, and have real lives at home that aren't so different from yours. As a candidate, I think we all do it for the right reasons and with a great amount of sacrifice that we and our families endure in the endeavor to serve our communities. The stress and time away from the things that matter in life are not trivial and on the local level it is suffered from a desire to live up to your support and to serve.
So even if you don't agree with a candidate, appreciate what they do in an attempt to work for you.
I salute all of our local candidates and win or lose, the first toast I raise on November 7th will be to each of you.


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